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Healing Athletes in Faster Time

Center for Spinal Disorder & Stem Cell Therapy specializes in treating elite athletes, helping them heal faster and getting them back into action without the extensive downtime, recovery, and rehabilitation required with traditional surgery. Our physician understands the critical nature of sports-related injuries and how treating them using autologous stem cell therapy may get the athlete back to full strength as quickly as possible.

The function of adult stem cells is to serve as repair cells in the body. They lie dormant in areas of the body, such as the bone marrow, and “wake up” when they receive signals that the body has suffered some type of injury – the signals come from inflammation. The cells move to the inflamed site in the body, release proteins to regulate the inflammation, release other proteins to stimulate new cell growth, and then begin to change into the same type of cell that was damaged to help with healing.

While acute inflammation is a necessary part of the healing process in the body, if it persists, it becomes chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation disrupts normal cell functions and interferes with the ability of stem cells to do their job and respond where they are needed. The goal of the stem cell concentrate that we inject into a painful or injured area of your body is to counter the chronic inflammation. The stem cells restore balance to the injured area by releasing proteins that restore cells’ normal function and reduce the inflammation.

As we age, the number of stem cells in our bodies declines. This is the reason why we show more wear and deterioration as we get older – fewer stem cells lead to less effective healing. The object in using stem cell therapy is to take stem cells from one part of a person’s body where they exist in higher concentrations, such as in bone marrow, and inject them into an injured joint to help reinforce the power of the stem cells’ healing potential. The goal of this minimally invasive procedure is to help you heal faster and regain pain-free motion while avoiding surgery.

For elite athletes, we also understand the importance of confidentiality and will do everything we can to protect privacy. We can arrange private transportation for athletes and their traveling companions from Sky Harbor International Airport to the Orthopedic & Spine Stem Cell Institute, and transportation back to the airport the next day. Follow-up is taken care of largely over the phone and via email. The athlete will be given a cell phone number to enable him or her to reach a doctor, nurse, and/or staff of the Orthopedic & Spine Stem Cell Institute directly with any questions or concerns.

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