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Spine Surgery

If you've struggled with back pain for any length of time, you may have looked for surgery options to help relieve your pain. We offer different types of surgeries that can ease that pain. Our experts will guide you through and make sure you are getting the right surgery.

Endoscopic Spine Surgeries

This is a minimally invasive spine surgery technique that utilizes an endoscope to treat herniated, protruded, extruded, or degenerative discs that are a contributing factor to leg and back pain.

Minimally Invasive Out-Patient Spine Surgeries

Outpatient back surgery is any spine procedure that allows patients to return home on the same day as the operation is performed. This type of surgery is often performed with minimally invasive techniques that lower the risk of infection and complication, when compared to traditional open back surgery.

Spine Surgeries

These are traditional open spine in-patient types of surgeries.

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Pain presents itself in many different ways, at different times and in many cases is triggered by specific activities. We will be happy to answer your questions in conjunction with a personal phone call follow up with one of our doctors.

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Receive a free MRI Review from a top trained spine surgeon in Minimally Invasive and Endoscopic Spine Surgery Techniques

Minimally Invasive Spine Seminars

If you are still searching for answers about the treatment options available for your spinal condition, we invite you to join us for one of our upcoming seminars.